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“We're over the moon and couldn't be happier.”

Kelly Miller,


A week after launch, Save4Good coaches were booked out. They completed 65 appointments in the first fortnight alone, saving Port Kembla residents more than $56,250.

What we did

What’s ecological anxiety? It’s that helpless, anxious, overwhelmed feeling you get when someone says ‘sustainable’. It’s easy to think the problem’s too big for one person to have an impact. But what if, in under an hour, an expert showed you how to do your bit to save the planet while pocketing serious savings on your utility bills and other expenses?

Serious savings

Save4Good is a free service that in its first three months helped 266 Port Kembla residents and businesses each save an average of $400 a year on electricity bills alone. Some saved way more: one resident saved a whopping $2200 a year on bills, with one business saving as much as $19,000.

In the same period, Save4Good also helped 43 households save $1850 each on sustainable products and services, such as solar energy systems, insulation and rainwater tanks. Their investments are helping to make Port Kembla a more sustainable community year on year.

Launched with a bang

A week after launch, Save4Good coaches were booked out. In the first fortnight alone, they completed 65 appointments, saving Port Kembla residents more than $56,250.

Save4Good program director and coach Kelly Miller said: "The relationship we developed with the Brandsome principals led to a nuanced understanding of our needs, product and community. The product exceeded our expectations, giving us an exceptional platform for launch."

You can read the media coverage here and here.

Sustainability ninjas

Save4Good provides free coaches sponsored by the NSW Government’s Port Kembla Community Investment Fund. The brainchild of not-for-profit organisation All Sustainable Futures (ASF), Save4Good’s strategic aim is to encourage people to contribute to reshaping our future by making their own cuts at home or at work.

Save big on going green

Save4Good coaches provide personalised cost-saving plans, kits for homes and small business plus discounts and cashback offers. Customers can save as much as 30% on a new solar energy system and 40% on a rainwater tank and pump. Their coach can also help negotiate a better deal with utility providers. One Illawarra childcare company reduced electricity bills by $20,000 a year across 13 sites.

It cuts both ways

Brandsome identified the brand’s lead insight as ‘it cuts both ways’ because cutting your expenses and your footprint is a win-win for you and the planet. We brought these meanings together in a single word to form the brand name: Save4Good.

Conscious consumers

The Save4Good brand is all about helping people take control, countering perceptions of powerlessness with honest advice and a practical plan that’s also consciousness raising. We wanted the brand to feel like a natural response to the world’s eco challenges: that saving money and the planet is not only smart and savvy but achievable – even fun. So we ditched the tired green palette used by many eco-initiatives for warm friendly colours that speak action, inclusion and positivity without triggering green fatigue.

Cut your bills down to size

We also steered clear of generic icon treatments and stale botanical imagery. Instead, the visual identity features abstract ‘snipped’ shapes to evoke the idea of making your own cuts and dynamically reshaping your future.

Simple scissor visuals connect cutting your bills down to size with creating an impact beyond yourself. We animated these illustrations to amp up the impact on social media and capture people’s interest early.

Ready, set, coach

We developed this brand experience across launch materials, social media, an 88-page coaching booklet with cashback coupons and a Squarespace website. An integrated Acuity booking system lets Port Kembla residents book and even reschedule their coaching sessions online, minimising admin for coaches and helping them stay in sync as a team.


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