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This is Brandsome's website. By using it, you agree to:
  1. Respect our copyright and that of our clients.
  2. Do nothing illegal or evil on our site – such as trolling, spamming or transmitting malware.
  3. Make your own informed decisions based on the information we’ve provided here. We’ve done our best to make sure everything is accurate and up to date so you’re off to a head start.
  4. Ask questions if anything is unclear.


We all value our privacy. This policy explains how we use your personally identifiable information.
  1. We collect your personal information via the Brandsome website only when you send us a contact request, subscribe to our email list or send us feedback on your Brandsome experience.
  2. If you wish to change your personal information or be removed from any Brandsome list, please contact us.
  3. We keep your information confidential. We never sell it or pass it to others. If we have reason to believe it has fallen into the wrong hands, we will email you to let you know.
  4. We use your information only for the purpose identified when you supplied it.
  5. We do not use cookies and we have not enabled third-party behavioural tracking on our site. We do use the web statistics generated when you use our website to gain insight into your experience and improve it. This information is anonymous and not shared with anyone.
  6. We offer no third-party products or services on our website, nor do we market to children under 13.

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