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Wollongong City Council


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“Working with Brandsome was stress-free – they’re very professional and we knew we could trust in a great result.”

Jennine Primmer
Wollongong City Council

What Wollongong said
“I love how the level has lifted to make Wollongong relevant to the contemporary global art scene”
“I felt interested, curious, happy and engaged and I wanted more!”
“I visited the library and Wollongong Art Gallery for the first time – I intend to be a regular visitor from now on”
“Great to see the creative out and about – we need more of this please”

We created a fun brand and campaign for Wollongong City Council’s biennial Luminous festival. Over five days, the campaign attracted an estimated 15,000 people to the city’s central business district (CBD) with 78% of visitors saying they felt more engaged with the CBD after attending.


The Luminous Festival is a local culture fest that aims to activate the Wollongong CBD and stimulate local businesses with performances, public gatherings and light shows.


Organisers were delighted with the cohesiveness of the campaign brand we created, which they called ‘friendly, bright and cheerful’.

Their post-festival report also praised our flexible design templates and elements, which empowered event owners to create their own high-impact festival-branded graphics and disseminate them easily on their social media accounts. This decentralised approach enabled organisers to meet a short marketing timeline on a limited budget.

The promotional campaign included a festival animation and other digital assets plus outdoor and cinema advertising. We also created event signage, site dressing, brochures, maps and other collateral to help festival-goers navigate the distributed sites and have an amazing experience.


The community got behind the event in a big way ­– one person nailed the overarching sentiment with the comment: “super impressed”.

Numbers across all festival sites were strong with 15,000 visitors flocking to the CBD, staying an average 3.32 hours and spending an average of $66 per person.

The campaign performed well on web page views, media mentions, pay-per- click volumes and other metrics (see below for data).

Social media was a big driver of foot traffic, with sentiment overwhelmingly positive. All social media ads performed ‘above average’ for quality rating and engagement. Strong reshares of visitor posts and images to stories helped spread the word about festival events and get the brand in people’s feeds.


→ 38,018 web page views

→ 59 media mentions

→ 798 Google Search ad clicks

→ 359,949 paid social impressions

→ 15,000 visitors over 5 days

→ 3.32 hours average stay

→ $66 average spend

→ 78% of visitors felt more engaged with the CBD


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