"We give a brand a really clear picture of who they are and then give them the tools to go away and express it."

Letitia Prince

Brand Identity


• Brand invention and reinvention
Brand experience design
Strategies, ideas and visual systems for identities, platforms, products, services, communications, events and environments 


My first job – turned me off hummus for life! see the ad
• Building Brandsome 
Recent work – we heart: CreamiesExperience Co / CareSouth 


Letitia is creative director and joint owner of Sydney and Seattle based studio Brandsome, where she leads brand invention and experience design. She helps clients make vibrant emotional connections with customers by developing ideas and visual systems for identities, platforms, products, services, communications, events and environments. Throughout her 20 year career, she has led project teams in Australia, the UK and across the US and helped deliver highly successful brand building programs for clients in almost every sector. Notable brands include McDonalds, Lendlease, NSW Government, Ikea, General Motors, IMB, Guggenheim Museums, Sportscraft, Skydive Australia, and Experience Co – with more found here. She also volunteers as a strategy and funding group member at The Helmsman Project – a not-for-profit organisation aiming to help communities ​affected by disadvantage.

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