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• New brand


• Creative direction
• Positioning
• Visual identity system
• Retail experience design
• Animation
• Photography
• Social media


“How off-the-hook shithot are those tubs!”


What we did

Artisanal gelato maker Creamies is ready to rock tastebuds Australia wide with a delectable new line of packaged pints and a new brand identity. If you’re lucky, you’ll soon find a Creamies queue near you as the brand expands from its foundation store in Wollongong.

Creamies’ new look features custom cursive typography with simple geometric icons recalling ice-cream cups, cones and scoops. It’s brought to life with signature gelato colours – think cotta de panna, liquirizia, mirtillo, pistacchio and cioccolato – delicious pastel hues that feel contemporary and close to the colour of cream. 

Overall the minimal graphics reflect the feelgood lightness of simpler times and pure ingredients. Strong and flexible, the brand identity system can be easily adapted for future brand extensions and product lines.

We just can’t wait to see Creamies packaged pints in grocery stores Australia wide – and clearly Matt from Creamies agrees!


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