“It’s mind blowing what you can solve with a big idea surfaced from deep thinking.”

Carolin Window

Brand Strategy


• Big idea, story & strategy
• Brand invention & reinvention
• Positioning: trends, audience & message
• Campaign concept & creative

• Content development & copywriting


• Brandsome We founded this little company and took it global
• DIM & Shark Song
Random House published my novels // now they're digital
• Experience Co
Some work we aced lately // see this work


I’m creative lead and joint owner of Sydney and Seattle based studio Brandsome where I lead brand invention and reinvention. My career as a creator, storyteller and strategist spans brand, advertising, publishing, television and financial services. I’m also a published novelist. As excited about solving B2B challenges as B2C, I’ve worked with vibrant startups, midsize companies and household names, including Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Philips Lighting and Australian telecommunications leader Telstra.

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